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Common Elements
There are some maintenance elements that are common to all condominiums while preparing for the change of seasons. 

Here are some tips for the type of condominium you may own: 
Townhouse Style Condominiums
  • Shut off and drain your exterior water taps
  • Replace the weather stripping around your doors
  • Install electrical outlet insulation to increase energy efficiency
  • Clean the window sill tracks so the seal of windows is optimal
  • Ensure your exterior lights are working
  • Check your car plugs - report if they are not working
  • Change the filter on your furnace 
  • Remove any personal items from your steps, walkways and driveways to assist with snow removal
  • Run your bathroom fan for a minimum of 20-30 minutes after baths/showers to reduce the potential of ice build-up in the vent stacks

Apartment Style Condominiums
Preparing for Fall/Winter:
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  • Check or replace zone valves, as required
  • Replace furnace filters, as required​
  • Check the battery in the thermostat
  • Secure your belongings on the patio or balcony
  • Ensure window coverings are opened to ensure proper air movement
  • Humidity levels of approximately 20-25% should be maintained to preserve wood flooring. Higher humidity can cause damage to the windows as well.
Preparing for Spring/Summer:
Townhouse Style Condominiums
  • Any changes to your unit that may affect common property, electrical, plumbing, or other units require that you forward your request in writing to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Ensure that all pet messes are cleaned in your yard on a regular basis
  • Ensure your gate is unlocked and toys are removed on the day of grounds maintenance
  • Repair or replace any damaged screens on windows and doors
  • Turn on your common tap so that contractors can clean the eaves and report any leaks to the management
  • Take advantage if your property arranges to have a large garbage bin on site - otherwise you must remove all large garbage items yourself​
Apartment/Loft Style Condominiums
  • Be considerate of your neighbors while out on your balcony or patios
  • Don't throw garbage or other items off balconies
  • Be certain to secure patio/balcony furnishings during high winds
  • Check under BBQ covers for any pigeon nests and throw them away
  • Have all large garbage items removed - do not place them by the bins as this is an unnecessary cost to all residents and may be charged back to those responsible